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chocolate candy

As well as the Easter novelty items displayed below, we also offer the following:

Hand-Dipped Varieties – per pound
Boxed Chocolates
No Sugar Added Chocolate (sugar free coating using Maltitol, low sodium)

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Peanut Butter
Melt-A-Way Eggs

Coconut Eggs

Maple Nut Eggs

Fruit & Nut Eggs

Melt-A-Way Eggs

Fudge Nut Eggs

Melt-A-Way Eggs

fruit nut egg

Fruit & Nut Egg
3 oz.

peanutbutter egg

Peanut Butter
Melt-A-Way Egg
3 oz.

maple nut egg

Maple Nut Egg
3 oz.

coconut egg

Coconut Egg
3 oz.

Melt-A-Way Egg
3 oz.

Melt-A-Way Egg
3 oz.

Melt-A-Way Egg
3 oz.

fudge nut egg

Fudge Nut Egg
3 oz.


oreo peep

Oreo Chick

nutter butter peep

Nutter Butter Chick

oreo bunny bum

Oreo Bunny Bums

Holiday Oreos
2 Pack

tribune review winner

Spring/Easter Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rod

tribune review winner

Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treat Egg

Carmellow Eggs

Marshmallow Eggs

Solid Milk Chocolate
Foil Wrapped Eggs

fruit jelly beans

1 lb Fruit Jelly Beans

square jelly belly jelly beans

1 lb Jelly Belly Jelly Beans – 41 Flavors


Small Filled Basket

Assorted Chocolate Filled Basket

Assorted Filled Basket
1lb 8oz


5 oz. Bunny with Carrot

standing rabbit

4″ Standing Rabbit

5 oz. Lamb

3 oz. Cross

5.5″ Standing Rabbit

8 oz. 6″ Sitting Rabbit

 1lb 2.5 oz 8″ Sitting Rabbit

1 oz. Bunny Lollipop

3 oz. Dancing Ballerina

1.5 oz. Gecko

2.5 oz. pretty purse

2 oz. Princess

2 oz. Dump Truck

2 oz. Smartphone

5 oz. Mother Turtle with Babies


1.5 oz. Dinosaur